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      Technical support and after-sales services

      Provide comprehensive and professional support and timely service from principle and design to repair service


      I  Pre-sales Service

      If you are looking for time/frequency synchronous transfer devices or instrument, or if you need to know the transfer and measurement 
      solutions, or if you meet any issues in the operations of such equipment, please feel free to contact us on time.  We will handle it 
      properly as soon as possible after getting your question.

      Service Hotline: +86-755-26723911

      Fax: +86-755-26012275

      Email: sales@www.pogrebenie-asia.com

      II  After-sales Service

      i)  Warranty

      ? With proper operations and good maintenance, we guarantee that all of our instrument would work very well under warranty

      ? Warranty: 12 months since the date of shipment

      ? We provide life-time maintenance and repair services

      ii)  Services during Warranty Period

      ? We will guide the users to judge the fault and solve the issues via telephone or email.

      ? We will respond promptly if there is any fault during warranty and promise to repair for free unless it is artificial damage.

      ? We prepare and reserve sufficient spares, accessories for in-time services. 

      ? We provide life-time upgrade embedded software for free. We will inform the customers of the latest version software via mail or telephone if any and provide the latest software for free.

      iii)  Services out of Warranty

      We would still provide good after-sales services when the instruments are out of warranty as follows.

      ? Guide the users to locate the fault via telephone or email and solve the issues if possible.

      ? If the hardware is faulty, we will provide spare parts to replace or maintenance services. In most cases the faulty parts will be sent back for repair. Generally the repair time will be within 10days.

      ? We promise to solve all potential issues in the instruments if any from the feedback of customers during the operations and use of the instrument.

      ? We provide latest version software for upgrading if any.

      ? We will take some charges for replacing parts and repair fees according to the faulty situation.

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