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      Meet the demands of different industries

      Apply in scenarios of authentication, network devices, operators, power system

      High Precision Time-Scale System Deployment

      Different from traditional clock group management equipment which has complex building block structure, TimeScale adopts highly integrated design with simple architecture and convenient interface extension. It has multiple time and frequency output ports. Through different flexible configurations, it can establish different timing reference with high precision and reliability.

      Measurements in Compliance with ITU-T G.812 Recommendations

      ITU-T G.812 outlines minimum requirements for timing devices used as node clocks in synchronization networks. It has been taken as reference for the requirements of clock(frequency) synchronization indexes in SSU-T, SSU-L and SASE.

      Frequency Measurements in Compliance with ITU-T G.8262/8262.1

      As per the requirements in packet based networks, ITU-T SG15/Q13 defines the timing and synchronization characteristics in G.8261 recommendations, proposes the concept of Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE), and defines the performance requirements of synchronous Ethernet Equipment Clock (EEC) and Enhanced Synchronous Ethernet Clock in G.8262 and G.8262.1 recommendations.

      Frequency Measurement in Compliance with ITU-T G.8273.2

      The accuracy of T-BC plays a key role in the implementation of high-precision time synchronous network in LTE-A , TDD-LTE and 5G. In order to meet the new consistency requirements, three profiles has been published successively including ITU-T G.8273.2, G.8273.2 Amendment1 , G.8273.2 Amendment 2(01/2019).

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