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      Autonomous innovation design

      Own full intellectual property, grasp core technology, and well recognized by users


      SyncOne - A

      With newly-updating stable industrial computer platform, full touchscreen operation and all-in-one design, SyncOne -A is a high-end full-featured instrument developped for time/frequency synchronization measurements. It supports a variety of time and clock interfaces measurements with latest ITU-T specifications and recommendations, and precisely measures, analyzes and evaluates time/frequency performance indexes. Also it meets the test requirements in 5G networks, in which ultra-high-precision time/frequency synchronization measurements are needed. It can be used to measure in the process of R&D, Intermediate period, Production, Calibration of time/frequency synchronization equipment. It is suitable in synchronous devices, 3G/4G/5G mobile backhaul, telecom IP-Carrier/Access network, Intelligent Substation, Highways, Railway Transit, Air transportation, Satellites, Vessel calibration and traditional Accounting system, in which comprehansive time/frequency measurements are significantly required.

      SyncOne - M

      SyncOne-M is a time/frequency synchronization instrument specially developped for multi-channel testing or multiple tests of time and frequency signals at the same time. It not only supports multi-channel simulteneous measurements of time signals or frequency signals, and also supports testing of any combination of time signals and frequency signals at the same time. It is very useful for production test and delivery test of time/frequency synchronous equipments like SSU/SASE/BITS/SDU,PRTC, and for joint-debugging test in the telecom IP carrier/access network, which raises the test efficiency and helps lower the test cost greatly.

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