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      Committed to high precision time/frequency transfer and measurement

      Provide full series of time/frequency synchronization devices and measurement products

      Why do you choose us

      Established in hi-tech industrial park, Shenzhen in 2001, XGTime Technology Co., Ltd. (short for XGTime hereafter) is a high-tech company devoted to the high precision time/frequency synchronization transfer and measurements. It is concentrating on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of various time/frequency related products like time analyzer, etc.


      Independently research and develop time/frequency synchronization analyzers and related products with full intellectual property

      Time & Frequency Measurement

      Time & Frequency Transfer


      XGTime has a high-quality technical team with rich experience in time/frequency synchronization measurement area of different industries and scenarios. They can provide ideal test solutions to the customers and help to solve their issues in practice.

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